Light Metals Research Centre is an independent research entity engaged in conducting research projects for various companies within the aluminium industry and in the light metals sector. The projects carried out by LMRC researchers are both fundamental and applied research projects related to material properties (alumina, sidewall materials etc.) and those that are directly applicable to industrial process improvements. The research done by LMRC over the years have been found to be valuable to our smelter clients in improving their understanding of the process fundamentals and reduce the cost of metal production. Most importantly, research conducted at LMRC has made a difference in improving the process energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact

Our researchers not only have a deep understanding of the fundamental aluminium production process but also extensive experience on the smelter production floor. We have been working in smelters all over the world exposed to different technologies, practices, and management styles.

Often researching a subject or solving an issue requires not only the specialist knowledge in the subject but also dedicated equipment that is designed specifically for solving them. During years of research in our centre, we have designed and built unique equipment tailored for specific projects. 

Light Metals Research Centre: a dedicated centre for light metals research, development and training

Leading experts in:

  • Aluminium smelting technology
  • Global light metals industry research and development
  • Problem-solving and technical support
  • University postgraduate qualifications and industry training
  • High-temperature processing engineering and materials
  • Surface science and materials characterisation
  • Light alloy manufacturing and continuous improvement systems
  • Leading edge research facilities



Customised heat balance technique developed in our laboratories.