Gen 3


Advanced Centralised Potline Operation, Control and Management System

Gen3 comprises of smelter-specific software and database technology with management tools to create a comprehensive smelter control and management system.

The Gen3 package includes:

  1. Specialist software and database technology which centralises processes and analyses all available smelter data for fast and effective, user-friendly management and operational reporting.
  2. The system contains diagnostic tools, which are coupled with advanced control strategies and scientific decision guidelines to help all levels of smelter roles: from management, supervisory and operational personnel. 
  3. A set of benchmark standard operation procedures (SOP's) is embedded in the system for training and guiding smelter personnel to operational excellence. The tools implemented in this system promote continuous improvement culture, both for managers and smelter operators.

    The world’s first purpose-built centralised control system

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    Gen3 System Control philosophy and Modules

    Gen3 has been designed to maximise and simplify system-human integration for continuous process improvement. This system integrates the work of operators, engineers and managers and it learns and adapts to changes and new findings, through continual tracking of diagnosis, response performance and removal of the causes. The simplicity and transparency of this system allow users to carry out their work with clear objectives while incorporating learning and improvements to their work. The system contains modules that set it apart from current smelter control systems:

    1. Data Acquisition and Calculation - the system collects information from various sources in the smelter from data coming from the pot controller through off-line data like laboratory results.
    2. Feeding Control (including normal control strategies and abnormality control strategies)
    3. Noise Control
    4. Heat Balance Control (including normal heat balance control strategies and abnormality heat balance control strategies)
    5. Abnormality Detection
    6. Root Cause Diagnosis
    7. Response Plans

    The analysis results are presented in a user-friendly way which prompts for action when intervention is needed

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    Gen 3 value

    Through Gen3’s advanced control and management systems smelter operations are able to :  

    • Identify variance for early detection of abnormalities - special analytical tools use real-time signals collected by the smelter to detect early signs of abnormality. The system will alert the smelter staff and suggest ways to either confirm the situation or amend it. 
    • Improve efficiency and energy consumption across potline performance - the system improves efficiency and reduces power consumption by removing the causes of abnormalities in early stages and keeping the potline at optimal operation.
    • Reduces carbon consumption, emissions and man-hours per tonne - the improved efficiency and the smooth operation of the smelter due to early removal of abnormalities mean incidences of anode effects can be reduced, the optimal operation will lead to reduced carbon consumption. The system enables the shifting of focus from "fire-fighting" mode to preventative mode where issues are dealt with and resolved at early stages.
    • Enables systematic voltage reduction- reduced abnormalities with smooth operation open the opportunity to reduce voltage without loss of current efficiency.
    • Increase overall smelter profitability - smoother operation with optimal performance leads to improved profitability as the cost of production decreases. 


    Using the Gen3 system will transform aluminium smelter potline operations through a generational leap in management and control strategies


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