Breakthrough Technologies

LMRC has developed new technologies for aluminium smelting. These include Gen3- a revolutionary supervisory control system, and EnPot™ a Shell Heat Exchanger system that allows large scale power modulation.

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Technical Support

LMRC engineers have vast experience in operation and control of all aluminium smelting business units. This experience has helped smelters to improve their operating performance by reducing energy consumption, reducing emissions and improving profitability.

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Proven Experience

LMRC engineers work on many projects in all aspects of primary aluminium production at smelters around the world. A summary of this experience can be seen in the case study section.


Training and Further Education

LMRC offers various programs from customised operational training through to University level Post-Graduate Certificate and industry based PhD studies.







Our experience includes in-depth skills in implementing benchmark standard operating procedures and advanced process control regimes for smelters all around the world


The Light Metals Research Centre (LMRC) has just finished a project in Jharsuguda, India helping Vedanta to solve a costly problem of high rate of early reduction cell failure in their aluminium smelter in Jharsuguda. This was a swift operation due to the urgency of the project. In an intensive week of work (including weekend), Dr Ron Etzion and Emeritus professor Barry Welch with the help of the local Vedanta team, who worked around the clock, identified the root causes of the problem following an intensive analysis of the failed cells.
Light Metals Research centre is helping organise the 12 AASTC in Queenstown, New Zealand   The Light Metals Research Centre Team is helping with the organisation of the 12 Australasian Smelting Technology Conference that will take place on 2nd to 7th of December at the Millenium Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand. For more details and registration go to the 12AASTC website or send us an email.