Industry Training

LMRC has been proving industry training courses for smelter personnel many years. The courses are conducted at client smelters and cover both fundamental and practical knowledge in reduction technology, carbon plant, rodding room and more. 

The training courses are customised for the level of attendees whether they are experienced engineers or beginner employees. The courses can also be done in various formats to meet the level of attendees and requirements. A course that is focused on case studies and smelter management is more suitable for experienced engineers, compared to a course which is based on a series of lectures, tutorials, assignments and tests to deliver fundamental and practical knowledge to inexperienced personnel. 

    The number of attendees is limited to up to 30 students per course, and each student will be assessed based on his performance in the assignments and the test at the end of the course. Those participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded a certificate of completion from LMRC. 

    The next  Industry Training in Light Metals Reducton Technology course is held in conjuncton with the postgraduate certfcate programme on 25th November- 12 December 2019 at Nuess, Germany, for more information and registration please fill the offer of interest and send it to


    The training can be a week-long course or can be extended to a more comprehensive two weeks option. The main topics covered are:

    • Aluminium smelting process fundamentals
    • Heat and mass balance
    • Pot control and alumina feed control
    • Anode production
    • Anode performance
    • Cell design
    • Abnormality detection, root cause analysis and corrective actions
    • Reduction-casthouse interface
    • Plant health and safety
    • Overview of alumina production process and impact on reduction process
    • Aluminium smelting emissions control
    • Bath processing circuit and anode cover
    • Anode effect reduction
    • Dry scrubbing and fluoride return
    • Post-start-up and early life operation
    • Cell life and autopsies

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