Margaret Hyland_oldphoto.jpg

Professor Margaret Hyland

Vice-Provost Science

Victoria University


Margaret has a long time interest in aluminium reduction technology, which started with a study of the capture of gaseous fluoride emissions from aluminium smelting cells. Her fundamental work on scrubbing technologies has been applied in practice by aluminium companies globally, and she is recognised as the authority of the generation and capture of fluoride emissions from aluminium smelters.
Professor Hyland has an impressive track record in research funding, having secured NZ$39.1 million over the last 11 years as a Principal Investigator, and been an Associate Investigator on many other projects  
Margaret currently holds the role of Vice Provost Science in Victoria University, and her previous positions at the University of Auckland include:
•    Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research
•    Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Engineering
•    Associate Dean Research for the Faculty of Engineering.
In addition to her academic roles, Professor Hyland was seconded to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in the position of Chief Scientist. In that role Margaret provides scientific leadership and works with teams providing advice on science systems, policy and investment to the New Zealand government.