Jenny Hung

Project Engineer


Jenny joined the Light Metals Research Centre (LMRC) in 2007. Her initial focus was fundamental research relating to material, characterization, performance and development.

With time, Jenny’s focus has shifted to industry-based projects in the area of carbon technology for aluminium smelting. Jenny has worked on a number projects at  various carbon plants in China and has significant experience in all aspects of the anode production process, from raw materials through to anode rodding, with her specific interest being rodding room operations improvement including cast iron material properties and performance.


In addition to Carbon Technology, Jenny also has valuable potroom operations experience and is involved in a number of LMRC’s potroom related R&D and technical consulting projects, including the EnPot Technology and is part of the LMRC GEN3 development and implementation team. She is currently studying towards a PhD degree on the topic of hydrogen fluoride regeneration in aluminium smelter gas treatment centres.