Dr. Hasini Wijayaratne

Project Engineer, Alumina Research & Materials Characterisation


Hasini has been with the Light Metals Research Centre for over 11 years and has an interest in fundamental research with direct applications to industry. As well as being one of the Project Engineers at LMRC, she has recently completed her PhD. Her PhD research involved studying the intricacies of the evolution of alumina microstructure during calcination and particularly understanding the relationships with particle strength.

Hasini was also engaged in R&D as well as optimisation of anode cover materials for aluminium reduction cells, identifying sources of pot room dust, development of alternative technologies for aluminium reduction and specialises in alumina characterisation with the aim of understanding how this raw material performs in aluminium reduction cells. 

During her time with Light Metals, she has managed a number of long-term client-funded research projects with broad scopes. Furthermore, she worked closely with Professor Margaret Hyland in guiding Engineering project students in their final year of research which has given her some invaluable mentoring experience.