Dr. Ron Etzion

Manager, Research & Development 


Ronny has over 21 years of experience in research and development. This included 6 years at Dead Sea Magnesium and 15 years at the Light Metals Research Centre. He has extensive experience in technical support and project management for the primary aluminium and magnium smelting industries.  

His PhD thesis was completed at LMRC on Degradation of SiC refractory sidewall materials. He is managing the research and development aspects of the centre, and has worked on various projects including improvements of Soderberg cell technology, process control and data visualisation, development of new cell material, development of alternative methods for aluminium production, and commercialisation of EnPot technology. 

He gained valuable experience in industrial environments at primary aluminium smelters in Europe, Russia, China and at a magnesium smelter in Israel.