Dr. Mark Dorreen



Mark has over 20 years’ experience in research and development, technical support and project management in metal production industries. After completing a PhD that focused on current efficiency measurement and anode effect gas emissions with time spent in aluminium smelters, Mark next worked in electric arc steelmaking with a particular interest in foaming slag chemistry and refractory practices. In 2008 he returned to the aluminium industry initially as an International Projects Manager at LMRC, and now serves as the Centre Director. His main smelter based projects now involve working in carbon plants and rodding rooms to improve the consistency of anodes produced, optimise use of raw materials and put best practice procedures for carbon plants and potrooms in place. Mark is also a lead instructor for LMRC’s industrial training courses that are customised for and delivered at various smelter sites. He also plays a guiding role in the fundamental research programs carried out in the Centre with several PhD students at different stages of their work. His project work has allowed him to gain significant primary aluminium experience in a number of smelters and technologies in Europe, Middle East, New Zealand, North America, and especially in China with the new suite of high amperage pot technologies that are dominating the new capacity coming online. In his Director role, Mark has overall authority and responsibility for all commercial activities and the daily running of the Light Metals Research Centre. Mark also holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Energia Potior, the company that commercialised the Enpot shell heat exchangers technology.