Dr. Jingjing Liu

Research Fellow, Materials Characterisation


Jingjing has been working with LMRC as a doctoral researcher since 2013. She has got her PhD degree in the faculty of Chemical and Materials Engineering in the University of Auckland in 2018. Her PhD project is about “Response of Cryolite-based electrolytes and Side-ledges to Flexible Potline Power Shifts at Smelters”, which was focused on the bath chemistry, cell heat balance and side ledge stability during cell operations, especially during the heat balance shifts. Jingjing has got her Bachelor and Master degrees in the School of Metallurgical Engineering in Northeastern University in China, working on the thermal properties of molten electrolytes for aluminium refining process. Continuing from her PhD project, she is now working on the structural evolution and dynamic behaviours of the industrial crust and ledge in the aluminium smelting cell.

Jingjing has visited aluminium smelters in China for her Bachelor and Master projects and RUSAL Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter during her PhD. She has contributed to some reports regarding projects in China for LMRC, which gave her more understanding of the industrial aluminium smelting process control. She has also recently worked on Na/Al battery technology projects in collaboration with overseas partners.