Dr. Grant McIntosh

Research Fellow, Sidewall Cell Chemistry Computational & Physical Chemistry


Grant has a background in a range of disciplines within the chemical sciences, particularly physical and computational chemistry and materials science. He has expertise with a wide range of materials characterisation techniques of relevance to alumina, such as XRD and phase analysis, microscopy, surface area and pore size distributions, particle size analyses, and thermal gravimetric analyses. His experience also extends to a variety of other techniques (spectroscopy, chromatography, etc.) not conventionally used but of potential relevance to the aluminium smelting industry, affording him a unique range of skills relevant to both industry and pure research. This knowledge and his experience in European smelters gave him understanding the detailed relationship between alumina properties, which depend on calcination technology, on a wide range of smelter parameters including materials and thermal balances, current and energy efficiency, HF emissions and the dry scrubbing process. In addition to alumina expertise, Grant has spent time in developing new sidewall refractory materials to extend cell lifetimes and allow increased amperages.