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Dr. David Wong

Manager, Project Delivery

Principal Engineer, Environmental


David has been at the Light Metals Research Centre for over 12 years, being intimately involved with R&D, training, technology development and technical support for primary aluminium smelters. His is a specialist in management of environmental emissions in aluminium smelters, particularly in potroom environments. This is a field of increasing importance as smelters seek to reduce their overall environmental impact.

He is currently a Lead Author for the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change) revising GHG accounting guidelines for aluminium and rare earth smelting industries. He is also a regular instructor in the TMS Potline Scrubber Emissions Course and led the completion of the industry best practice guidelines to reduce fluoride emissions - the Fluoride Management Guide (FEMG) - which has since been adopted by internal regulators. 

David also has significant experience in advanced process control strategies and sensors in the potroom, for the purpose of improving current efficiency and energy consumption in smelters. He has been involved in projects across a number of aluminium smelters and technologies in Australia, USA, Canada, China and Russia.