smelter audit

Aluminium Smelter Audit

LMRC engineers can provide a fresh and professional perspective on the smelter operation and performance based on their experience and exposure to the latest technology as well as best operational practices available in the industry. 

The audit conducted by LMRC is comprehensive and includes operational practices, use of data, decision-making processes, thermal balance management, and utilisation of available equipment.

The outcome of the audit comprises of recommendations including ways to improve the performance of the process and better utilise the process data, equipment and people. These recommendations can be implemented either by the smelter engineers/operators or LMRC engineers who can provide further support to the smelter.

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In highly competitive market conditions, smelter managers need to ask themselves whether their smelters are working optimally.  LMRC can help smelters find this out systematically through audits and provide implementable action plans for improved overall smelter performance.  

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