Further Studies - Masters of Engineering

Master of Engineering Studies in Light Metals Reduction Technology

An advanced programme targeted at the international light metals industry, primarily the aluminum industry. It aims to extend skills in advanced design and research and is linked to the existing Postgraduate Certificate in Light Metals Reduction Technology.


The Master of Engineering Studies is for students with an academic engineering background who wish to continue their studies at an advanced level, develop an advanced technical foundation and gain industrial perspective in a specialised area.This programme aims to provide engineering and science graduates who are currently working in aluminium or other light metals industry with an advanced technical understanding of the light metals industry especially aluminium.

Candidates should hold a Bachelor of Engineering with a minimum Second Class Honours Second Division and have at least three years industry experience.

Transfer from Postgraduate Certificate in Light Metals Reduction Technology

A student who has passed satisfactorily all four papers that makes up the PGCertLMRTech can reassign them to the Master programme as long as the PGCertLMRTech has not been awarded.

Programme outline

The programme teaches advanced concepts in chemical and materials engineering and show their application to light metals reduction technology. Course content draws on recent advances in technology and leading edge research in this area and use experts from academia and industry as lecturers and tutors. While of an applied nature, the emphasis will be on the use of new techniques, materials and designs. 

What you will learn

You will develop skills that will enable you to handle complex problems encountered in the industry and equip you with the skills to deal with future problems. Such skills include mathematical techniques, competency in appropriate software programmes such as advanced design and thermodynamics, interpersonal skills through group work and communication skills. You will be encouraged to apply the techniques taught to your own plant, through individual and group tutorial assignments using your own plant data and through tailored research and design projects. The research and design projects allow you to extend your expertise into specialist technical areas and understand the research and design processes.

Graduates of the Light Metals Reduction Technology specialisation are well equipped with the technical foundations and practical skills to become true innovators, managers and leaders in the global light metal manufacturing industry. They often take on high ranking positions as senior chemical engineers, process and quality control supervisors, senior  plant managers and technical consultants for the light metals sector.

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