Training Options with Light Metals Research Centre

LMRC offers four levels of training, ranging from short-courses on smelting basics through to full post-graduate qualifications:

    Level 1 - Basics of smelting and anode manufacturer for operation personnel
    Level 2 - Advanced operational and technical training for carbon, reduction and casthouse staff
    Level 3: The University of Auckland Post Graduate Certificate in light metals reduction technology
    Level 4 : Masters' training and PhD programmes

In most cases, individuals do not complete all four levels; the higher University degrees such as Master's degree and PhD are recommended only for a select number of candidates.

Our onsite training team can assist smelter managers to identify suitable employees and make recommendations as to the training programmes that would best benefit individual employees and help them achieve their full technical potential.

For more details regarding customised smelter training, please contact our Training Specialist Nursiani Tjahyono.