Pot Operation Best Practice

Implementing Pot Operation Best Practice

LMRC has implemented current best practice standards in smelters around the world based on experience on the smelter production floor and a wealth of knowledge accumulated in research conducted in our labs and around the world.

The improved operational practices is standardised in order to get a consistent quality outcome from each and every operator impacting positively on the overall performance of the smelter. The working standards are visually easy-to-follow and put an emphasis both on the quality of work and safety measures needed to perform the operation safely. The operation procedures in the potroom covering the following areas:

    Anode change
    Metal tap
    Liquid level measurements

Working according to the benchmarked operating standards will reduce carbon consumption, maintain stable operation, reduce energy consumption and increase current efficiency.  Having a quality operational practices and stable operation allows further reduction in cell voltage and energy consumption while maintaining high current efficiency.

 An example of Work Standard can be found here