Research & Development by Light Metals Research Centre

Light Metals Research Centre is an independent research centre and as such conducted many research projects for various companies within the aluminium industry and it the light metals sector. The research projects done by LMRC researchers were both fundamental research regarding material properties (alumina, SiC blocks etc.) and more applicable research that could implemented within the industry immediately. The results of almost all the research projects done by the centre were found valuable not only for understanding fundamental processes but also helped to reduced the cost of aluminium production and emissions associated with the process.


Our researchers not only have deep understanding of the fundamental knowledge of aluminium production but also have wast experience on the smelter production floor. We been working in smelters all over the world exposed to different technologies, practices, and management styles.

Often researching a subject or solving an issue requires not only the deep knowledge of researchers but also dedicated equipment that is designed specifically for set of experiments, during years of research in our centre we both used unique equipment or designed and built equipment that will allow to conduct the correct experiments that will lead to quality results.



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