Our People


Dr. David Wong

Manager Project Delivery & Principal Engineer - Environmental

David has been at the Light Metals Research Centre for over xx years, being intimately involved with R&D and technical support for primary aluminium smelters. His main experience is in the field of environmental management, focusing on the effective measurement and control of emissions from smelters, particularly in potroom environments. This is a field of increasing importance as smelters seek to reduce their environmental burden on surrounding communities. In his PhD studies, David determined the sources of dust emissions in the potroom, finding a number of key factors and strategies to mitigate these emissions. In addition to particulates, he also specialises in fluorides and perfluorocarbon (PFC) greenhouse gas emissions, taking a lead role in completing the centre’s Fluoride Emissions Management Guide (FEMG) and research in continuous emissions of PFCs. David also has significant experience in advanced process control strategies and sensors in the potroom, for the purpose of improving current efficiency and energy consumption in smelters. He has been involved in projects across a number of aluminium smelters and technologies in Australia, USA, Canada, China and Russia.