Great participation of LMRC in TMS 2018 Conference

The Light Metals Research Team has a great presence at the TMS 147th annual meeting & exhibition at Pheonix, Arizona. The team is presenting three different papers:

The first paper is focused on alumina - "Impacts of s"Sodium on Alumina Quality and Consequences for Current Efficiency"written by Grant J. McIntosh, Hasini Wijayaratne, Gordon E. K. Agbanyegah, Margaret H. Hyland, and James B. Metson.

Another two paper by David Wong and his teammates for the IPCC committee are focused on emissions: "PFC's from Aluminium Chinese Sector - Challangesin Emissions Accounting and Further Characteristics" by David S. Wong,Xiping Chen, Bofeng Cai, Xin Bo, and Pernella Nunez.
 Ëvaluation of Time Consistency When Qualifing Emissions of Perfluorocarbons Resulting from Low Voltage Anode Effects" by Lukas Dion, Pernelle Nunez, David Wong, Simon Gaboury, and Alexey Spirin.


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